Monday, November 16, 2015

Independent Study is Kinda Yucky

Reid and I are taking an independent study class on the side of our other math class. The mistake I made was not going through my checkpoint a second time, so I got a question wrong where I could have easily gotten it right if I just rechecked over it. It was a question about dividing negative integers, and I forgot the negative sign which was a simple mistake that I could have fixed. I learned from this mistake because now I double check everything I do, and this helped me grow as a more careful student.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Integral Principle

When we learned about integrals, I made the mistake of not subbing in the correct numbers from the integral. On the integral, there was a one and fifty-five, instead of subbing in the one first, I put in the fifty five, which really set off the whole problem which caused not only me but my other peers to be confused. I learned how to sub in the correct numbers now, and this helped me grow in a way to help me solve integral problems easier.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Not Focusing on Work and Being Quite a Jerk

          This week was not my week at all. Even though I have been catching up on my work I'm not sure I've been catching up with my friends. I would snap sometimes (but I'm not sure they noticed) and I haven't been all there during class. This is because I have not been sleeping at the times I should have. I recognized that I have not been getting enough sleep.

          Once I acknowledged my mistake of now getting enough sleep, I was able to focus better and complete actual quality work! It helped improve my mood and overall school work, so I was able to identify what was wrong with me this week. I learned that my life in school and my life outside of school are equally as important, and I shouldn't be putting any of them on the back burner because they are both very important. I made the mistake of not taking care of myself, but now that I know, I've learned from this experience, and hopefully it will help me grow later on.


Catching up and Playing With a Pup

             This week was rough since I recently came back from my trip. It was rather hectic trying to catch up on what has been happening and what I have to do, so the easiest route was just to avoid what I had to do. That was one of the worst things I could do coming back. I made the mistake of procrastinating and not doing my work and just avoiding it altogether.

             I learned that from this week all you really need to do to catch up, if you're getting behind is to calm down. I wrote down what I needed to do and simply sorted between what was most important and what could be put off for a tiny bit. Creating a checklist encouraged me to finish things off one by one and actually completed the work I needed to. I made the mistake of procrastinating, and now I've learned the importance of doing your work beforehand and not lagging behind. Hopefully now, whenever I have something I need to do, I can look back and remember this experience and feeling so it can ward me off procrastination forever! Or, at least for a period of time.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Learning Slowly

Did you learn something through the learning process mistake, learn, and grow?

This week, we learned that having friends is an important key to a fun time. That might sound ridiculously funky but with the right group of people around you; school is a breeze. Finishing the second week with a light heart is exactly where I want to be and am. The third week of school is approaching and I am ready to take on the challenge.

Earlier this week, I made the mistake of not telling my teachers I had to leave early for sports. They related to how another student, Pablo, would notify them every morning of when he had games that he would have to leave before the end of school. This inspired me to take responsibility of my own outside activities, and confirm to my teachers if I would be staying the whole day or not. From this experience, I am now able to remember not only my schedule, but am encouraged to keep track of time throughout the day.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Mistakes and listening to Drake

Mistake, learn, and grow. 

This week we focused on our own personal growth. This has been a common theme during my time so far at High Tech but this week especially.

If I had to pick a specific time where I made a mistake this week (which was quite a bit) was circling around communication. We did the Tower Building exercise and my group and I didn't collaborate at all to say the least. Since we couldn't discuss our ideas, my groups work was rather- chaotic. We each did what we wanted to do, not really consulting the rest of the work resulting in an almost lump of what our tower should have been.
   After recognizing that what we were doing, or trying to do, we started to actually discuss what we wanted to accomplish. We recognized our mistake of not talking to each other and were able to build up our ideas onto each other and make our tower actually stand up! And look presentable as well.

From this experience  I can tell that not only me but my group grew. We were able to voice our ideas by the end of our time and actually collaborate on our Tower!